Let’s get green these School Holidays!

It’s time to start doing your bit and get green these School Holidays. It doesn’t mean you have to dress up like Shrek or the Hulk, but you will have some fun whilst being a hero and saving the environment!

Did you know recycling 1 single can saves enough energy to power a TV for over 3 hours? Or one tonne of recycled paper can save up to 17 trees? There are lots of sustainable activities you can do at home or with your friends these School Holidays… from going on scavenger hunts to collect rubbish, getting creative using empty toilet rolls and old magazines to planting seeds and watching your plants come alive!

Here are some easy activities you can enjoy at home with your friends!







Easy Apple Gift Box

Got some empty plastic bottles in the recycling?

In a few simple steps, you can create these eco-friendly gift boxes to
give to your friends or keep at home to store your favourite little trinkets in!

Learn how to here!

Fun fact, did you know Apple Trees take 4-5 years to produce their first fruit?







Pretty Paper Butterflies

Decorate your walls with these easy paper butterflies from old magazines or left over wrapping paper!

You can make big ones, small ones, colourful ones or even plain ones right in the comfort of your home!

How many can you make?

Learn how to here!







Egg Carton Seed Starts

Have you ever tried growing your own veggies? or how about some fresh herbs?

It’s easy and fun to watch your plants thrive from seeds to seedlings to a bright green plant in a few simple steps… oh and some time and water!

Learn how to here!

Growing your own herbs can save your parents some money too! Did someone say a ‘pocket-money raise?’







Want to know more about why we recycle or learn which bin to put your banana peel or plastic bag in?

Here is a fun, insightful video to teach you some recycling tips these School Holidays! It’s easy and something everyone can do at home themselves. Maybe you can teach your parents a thing or two too!

Learn more here!

If you’re looking for more sustainable activities to help the environment these School Holidays… how about planting a tree, starting a worm farm or even having a garage sale! The list is endless and every little bit counts towards a better future for our planet.

Remember next time you are visiting Mayfair Village to bring your reusable shopping bags, to place your rubbish in the correct bin and most importantly… remember the 3 R’s – Reuse, Renew and RECYCLE!

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